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We offer multiple boat group trips. We work closely with a select group of local guides. Sogroups of 4-10 or more are not a problem. We even offer  "On Stream BBQ Lunches"!


All trips are full day float trips. Lunch, snacks and drinks are provided (you are welcome to provide your own "adult beverages"), flies and all terminal tackle provided and Rods and Reels gladly provided.

*Gratuities gladly accepted




Klamath River

The Klamath river is one of the most picturesque rivers we fish. This is a classic “steelhead” river.  We fish from the Iron Gate Dam downstream to I-5. This is a very dependable stretch of water and not normally subject to “blow out” from rain.  This river differs from other steelhead waters in that there really is not much bank access and the boat traffic is very light. This is a great choice for those looking for a true Steelhead experience in California.

SEASON - November- January


Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento, or “Sac”, is by far our most popular destination and for good reason.  This river fishes well almost everyday of the year. Another reason is the many different stretches, from the upper river through the town of Redding with some of the most stunning homes and yards to the lower water passing through more rural and wild scenery. The seasons are as different as the landscape. Starting in Spring with trout coming off the spawn and eating every bug available. Then through the summer we see some of the best caddis hatches of the year with spectacular evening fishing. With the arrival of Fall we see the big boys of the Pacific Ocean show up (King Salmon) and begin dropping eggs which sends the trout into an absolute frenzy eating anything that looks like an egg. During the winter months trout continue to feed in the entire river but it’s a great time to explore some of the lower stretches looking for Steelhead. This is also the most “beginner friendly” river we fish.

SEASON - All Year

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Lower Moklumne River

The Lower Moklumne or “Moke” is truly a “hidden gem”. This river is often overlooked. There is a resident trout population but the fun really begins on January 1st when the river reopens. At this time of year the river is host to a significant number of steelhead. Each year we catch steelhead that would be considered a “Trophy Fish” on any river. We fish this river from just below Camache Dam downstream to Stillman-Magee Park.

SEASON - January-March & May-October
DAILY RATE - $400 (Without prior arrangment, this trip is for a single angler)


Lower Stanislaus River

The Lower Stanislaus or “Stan” is another one of our small valley streams. We fish the water just above the town of Oakdale.  Although there are trout hanging around all year the time to fish this stream is in January. The stream closes in October and reopens in January to help protect the fragile salmon run. Like most rivers, steelhead follow the salmon up this stream. It's during the beginning of January that we fish this stream. This is a very special place and should be on your “Must Fish” list.

SEASON - January
DAILY RATE - $400 (This trip is for a single angler)

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